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10 Tech Acronyms You Barely Know The Full Meaning

Do you realize that there are a ton of abbreviations we utilize every day except yet we don’t have the foggiest idea about the full meaning of those abbreviations?

Top Technology Acronyms

At the point when we utilize these words without knowing the meaning, it is exceptionally of no use if you find yourself in a situation where you would be told to state the full meaning of these acronyms.

Today I will give you 10 major acronyms we utilize every day you probably don’t know the full meaning.


Top Technology Acronyms

POS represents Point of Sale it’s a machine utilized for withdrawal of cash, payment of bills, and performance of various transactions using credit or debit cards.


PC stands for Personal Computers. This is a type of computer used in the homes and offices e.g Laptop etc


Google means the Global Organization of Oriented Group Language of Earth. It’s the world’s first ranking and popular search engine and web crawler that help in sourcing and researching for information


ATM means Automated Teller Machine is a machine utilized for performing monetary exchanges, for example, withdrawal of cash, store of cash, payments of bills, and parcels more


DCIM means Digital Camera Images in case you visit the file directory on your smartphones or computer you will find these abbreviations. It stores your pictures and photos.


Top Technology Acronyms

DVD Stands for Digital Versatile Disk A DVD is a sort of optical media utilized for putting away advanced information. It is a similar size as a CD, yet has a bigger stockpiling limit. A few DVDs are organized explicitly for video playback, while others may contain various kinds of information, for example, programming projects and PC documents.


HDMI Means Highest notch Multimedia Interface. HDMI is a trademark and brand name for a computerized interface used to transmit sound and video information in a solitary link.


Top Technology Acronyms

ICT stands for Information Communication Technology. This is the mode at which information is passed across its users using various forms of wireless communications eg radio or mobile phones.

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What is a JPEG file? | Digital communications team blog

JPEG stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group is the most well-known picture design utilized by computerized cameras and other photographic picture catch gadgets; alongside JPEG/JFIF, it is the most well-known configuration for putting away and transmitting photographic pictures on the World Wide Web.


The Difference Between 4G and LTE

LTE means Long Term Evolution and is in some cases alluded to as 4G LTE. It’s a standard for remote information transmission that permits you to download your preferred music, sites, and video truly quick—a lot quicker than you could with the past innovation, 3G.


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