AOL Mail Account Registration – Sign up

Do you want to know how to carry out AOL mail account registration, or how you can easily sign up for the account? Then look no further as in this post we shall be showing you how you can go about it.

In this article, we shall be looking at what the platform is all about. We shall be seeing reviews, and controversies (if any) about the platform, as well as what makes it special among its ‘peers’.

Then we shall be looking at how you can create an account. This is before we now look at ways you can use it to carry out AOL mail account registration or how you can sign up for the account with ease.

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About AOL

Before we go ahead at look at the ways you can carry out AOL mail account registration, or how you can sign up for the account, let us look at the general, unbiased view of the platform, its reviews, and so on.

The platform is a free internet or online-based mail network that is powered by AOL, which is just a subsidiary of Verizon Communications. From the name, you can deduce that the platform actually allows users to carry out email based services.

The platform offers users free email services, unlike most platforms that would require users to subscribe to premium versions for other basic functions which you can comfortably and successfully access in this platform without any fear or trepidation.

In addition to giving you free email services, the platform affords you the opportunity of accessing relevant and necessary pieces of information that would be essential to you. This can be seen through the article, video, and news sections which are provided by the platform.

Also, you get to carry out all the services required by an email platform, while enjoying the various benefits that come with this platform. You can actually send or receive emails on the platform. You can organize your mails the way you want them. You can also create new folders. And, so much more.

Another important aspect of the platform is that users can experience unlimited email storage. Yes, that is true, you heard me right. Unlimited email storage for registered users. You can save not just mails, but other important media files on this unlimited storage available to you.

It is important to note that this platform is the only email service network that offers its registered users the feature of unlimited email storage. Even platforms that offer premium services do not give their users unlimited email storage, but you can get this on the platform.

Another good feature which this platform has is that it helps filter your messages, and secures the spam messages, and automatically moves them to trash, which will give you room to focus on your mail or important mails that would require your attention.

The official website of the platform is Now, since we are done with what the platform is all about, let us now look at how to carry out AOL mail account registration, or how you can sign up to your account successfully.

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AOL Mail Account Registration – Sign up

AOL Mail Account Registration - Sign up

To successfully carry out AOL mail account registration, or to know how to successfully sign up for your account, kindly follow the steps below:

  • Kindly go to the website of the platform by clicking on
  • Fill out the required information. Create a strong password, and choose a username that you would be able to remember. Also, you will be required to provide your phone number to enable you to verify your new email address.
  • After this, click on Continue to proceed.
  • Ensure that you pass the “I am not a Robot” test before you proceed by clicking on Continue
  • Confirm your phone number by entering the verification code that has been sent to your inbox
  • After this, congratulations, as you have successfully created your account.

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Thank you for going through this article on how to carry out AOL mail account registration or ways to sign up for the account. We hope you found it helpful. Kindly leave a comment in the comment section for further info and questions.

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