Best Free Video call Apps for Business meetings – Free Download

Do you want to know the best free video call apps for your business meetings which you can actually download for free? Are you in a hurry to carry out a meeting and you are wondering which app suits you the best for completing same? Then look no further, as we shall be showing you the best of them all.

The pandemic brought with it a global issue of restriction to physical contact among people. Even though some countries have begun to open up, and some even relaxing their lock down rules, there are still restrictions in place, and the fear of contracting the virus, which has made people to to stick to not having much physical contacts.

This is why most corporations and business enterprises switched to virtual methods of carrying out their meetings. Students had to adapt to this method by engaging in virtual learning through the use of some video conferencing or call apps that allows you hold such virtual meetings with other participants.

With this great reliance on virtual tech companies, came the exposure of which of these applications were the best in ensuring that you can successfully have your meetings, or engage in your learning exercise with much stress, or inconveniences.

This where we come in. Through this article, we shall be showing you the best applications which are better suited for this experience. Irrespective of the fact that most social media platforms now come with this feature like Facebook, Whatsapp, it still does not change the fact that some apps are developed for that purpose.

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Best Free Video call Apps

Best Free Video call Apps for Business meetings - Free Download

To know which of the various video call apps out there is actually the best, or to find out the best free video call apps for your business meetings which you can actually download for free, kindly go through this list below:

  • ZOOM. This is actually one of the most popular video conferencing app used in 2020. The company recorded massive boom through the use of the platform and the reason for that cannot be overemphasized. The features available at the platform is completely user-friendly. The platform is also available for android users, iOS users, windows, and so on. The platform has millions of users who utilize its services, which proves that it is completely reliable. Based on reports, the platform was the fifth most downloaded app in the world in 2020. The App is completely free, except you intend to subscribe to the paid platform. Participants who intend to use the platform on the free plan can have up to 100 participants for a meeting at a time, however the time allocated must not be more than 40 minutes. For more info, check them out by clicking on

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  • SKYPE. Before now, the common term used for virtual video communication was Skype. It was the common term used to refer to video calls. This was because it was one of the first (if not the first) video call apps developed. It was developed in 2003, and the time when it was developed, it was only available for desktop users, or PC. Now, it is available for mobile phones too, and unlike Zoom, this platform is actually available for web users. The platform has proven to be one of the most reliable apps for video call in the world, as it has recorded over 100 million users per week. Its services are free, but if you wish you can subscribe to its premium services which comes with options like voice mail, SMS texting, voice calls. Unlike Zoom, the platform offers 50 participants per meeting for its free plan as against 100 participants for zoom. To unlock more participants, you can subscribe to the free option. For more info, check them out by clicking on
  • Google Meet. This was developed by Google in 2020 to help join in the massive boom market enjoyed by virtual tech companies. The platform is credible and reliable, judging by its developers who are tech giants. It is actually free to use, but if you wish to enjoy other features you can subscribe to the premium version of the platform. Participants can be as much as 100 per session and this can only last for 60 minutes. For better stuffs, kindly subscribe to the premium version.

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Thank you for going through this article on the best free video call apps for your business meetings which you can actually download for free. We hope you found it helpful. Kindly leave a comment in the comment section for further info and questions.

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