Bloggers and Communicative Telegraph in Community Development

Social media platforms have gone beyond the global network in tunes of communicative telegraph advancement the writer, Ogunnowo Abiodun Levite hereby salute the bloggers on their legendary title of good performance and achievement speaking by his article towards their ready-made generous activities and good relationship in connection with social media development support to be applauded

Bloggers Communicative Telegraph Community Development

The contribution of social media platforms has gone beyond the global network in today’s world of modern technology not basically in terms of standard and competent whole communication risks, but it needs general humanitarian analysis that pertains to the financial benefits of the earth citizenry on communicative telegraph development.

Since the introduction of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp the world community had rest of worrisome communication for social welfares and ease the hardship old school model of communication such as postal services and traditional media, but in lieu now creating the easiest ground of multipurpose communication among the society by abstaining from the darkness of civilization to have intercourse with advanced technology influenced by developed Western countries of Europe, American, China, and Japan where science and technology originated to the African continents. 

The writer could memorize when the GSM phone network began in Nigeria in the month of 6th August 2001, introduced by the former president, General Olusegun Obasanjo, who ruled in both civilian and military government that harbored this advanced communication into the Nation Nigeria from the developed territory after the reign of the cellular phone by the year 1995- 2000, the public was still worshiping this potential electronic toy and it’s sim card as scarcely diamond rated as the said GSM phone could be bought at a higher price of N40,000-N 60000 (Now N3,000) by then and only the rich consumers could make it affordable to buy, but until whole telecommunications later gone global to take its independence from uncivilization thrill, and Android, iPad and iPhone invaded the market scenes gradually and until gone beyond the race of vivid and cheap network and phone sales many poor households could now easily afford at a cheaper price and chat free unlimited. And now that the sim card is free and local phone (GSM) is abandoned and Android took over the championship belt to be less cheap and affordable for poor consumers to use in connived with social media platforms when and after Facebook first came up active in the year 2004 by the platforms celebrity Havard university drop out American white Plains.

New York-born founder and CEO, Philanthropist Mark Elliot Zuckerberg, having his net worth of US$ 88.2 billion and before bought  WhatsApp company, then I believed the world is now at the top of the perfect world of modern telecommunications where anyone can serve himself or herself with information,news-related issues and social communication without moral consultants pertaining to their needs of consultation to achieve their targets in any organizations. In fact, it’s a lyric of freedom singing down the memory lane, the late reggae icon, Bob Marley had taught from his album in the ’80s. That’s how the public emancipated from their mental slavery of telecommunication hardship as NITEL (Nigerian Telecommunication) granted independence to the scene.

I believe the way sometimes students may mess up their lecturer’s assignment and school yearly project by verifying the Google search to score the best performances has no query to this new tune of communicative telegraph advancements, or wherever breaking news comes up in the public and money hardship made an individual open his or her Android phone on opera mini news with N50 40MB (MegaByte) Airtel data to assess the newspaper information without stress, Or ask me, Who dares going to post office anymore or transacting with fax machine when there is a lucrative means of social media platforms available on WhatsApp, tweeter, Instagram and Facebook instant messages.

That’s when you knew I didn’t just mean the short subtitle before the support of the main topic by no mechanism but well-researched creativity as to know social media platforms has gone beyond the global network in tunes of the communicative telegraph and is nowadays trending.
The social media platforms are a gigantic advantage in the bigger world of achievements because it has educated many illiterate and middle-class people to the best and importance of technology in the universe at large as the people connected together as families, business partners, and social relationships. It provided jobs for the media and non-media graduates from the higher institutions and created an opportunity for a market promotion for the financial companies to pay less or conduct a free market advert on the social media platforms.

The youth today who aimed to develop their talents and skills have their free opportunity to work on blog business or work under a reputable and standard blog media news company considered labor and is now lucrative once you were a journalist and passionate for media in regards to your areas of specialization.

This is the real confidential mood of jubilation and the social media platforms must be glorified by the Government and never turn down on any bloggers and online news publication industries. They are now the rescuing angel to the economic hardship of unemployment maneuvering among the higher institution graduates and they found their way hopeless. Bloggers deserved credibility and a great reputation in the media industry.

Now I too hoped this well Noble and reputable multimedia Coker’s Media House would never be the last in the bliss because I knew the boss will be reading in support of my file and now is the season of market rebranding with just a simple pen on the note. Coker media has the respect for autonomy for journalism and maintains a good code of conduct of ethical analysis that regards any media employees who wish to exercise their talents and skills in mass communication. I doff a hat for this enthusiasm, credibility, integrity, creativity, mechanism, and well-organized establishment for its upcoming award-winning.

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If the social media platforms are still trending, the writer believes he could still chat free with the American president, Donald Trump as his followers on Instagram or tweets without board any flight to see him or forward any statement of request to him in the White House. A social media of community music changes?  I purport that is just the songs of autonomy the world must peacefully hear and dance towards in this new ages of technological transformation to the big world of wonderful civilization in this social media platforms have gone beyond the global network in tunes of communicative telegraph advancements till this genuine day of our time and till ages to come by another world of superb telecommunication based on social media.


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