Contact Facebook Customer Service – Facebook Customer Service Guide

Facebook Customer Care is the customer support service system of Facebook which enables users reach out to Facebook in the event of challenges and issues relating to their account or some certain technical know-how. This is also referred to as Facebook help center for customer support.

With the amount of users on Facebook, it’s impossible not to have such a supportive customer service. This is why Facebook has made their support available to all their users.

it is great for building a solid relationship with customers. And of course, Facebook is all about connectivity and there are different features in place which makes users enjoy the use of Facebook social media network platform.

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But for social network like Facebook, there are bound to be issues that border and challenge customers and users. And this can be in such areas which includes but not limited to the following;

1. Account security issues
2. Login issue
3. Facebook features not working properly
4. Issues relating to Facebook Ads
5. Facebook messaging and so many other issues.

Day-by-day users face one of this challenges or the other and Facebook customer care service is always at the service of attending and helping their customers and users resolve their issues.

And the best part is that users can reach out to Facebook help center at any time for support issues; there is no such thing like time or holiday not allowing you reach their support.

This is a guide on how you can contact Facebook customer care service center, either using your mobile phone or using your computer device.

Using Desktop to Contact Facebook Help Center: This is very easy and simple. While using Facebook on desktop, go to the top right of the FB page and you will see the question mark sign in circle. Click on it, and you will see the “Help Center”, at this point, click on the “Help Center”.

Using Facebook Mobile App: Login your Facebook account using the Facebook mobile app. And click on the menu bar with the three lines located at the right side of the page. Tap on “Help & Support” and click “Help Center” to visit the Facebook help center which is the Facebook customer care service center.

At this point, you can ask Facebook anything that borders you. Or present to them the challenges you are facing with your Facebook account, and they will reply to your issues accordingly.

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