Current State of Looting; The need for Niger Delta to Loot Responsibly

The North which has been in the saddle of affairs of the country since decades of independence has its own fair of the loot of the Niger Delta resources.

Niger delta looting

The North has its categories of mega looters, some of whose loots still resonate and send alerts to our National consciousness, in this case, Abacha mega loots readily come to mind.

The NDDC in the last few weeks has been able to open lots of its cankerworms, almost the same period the Northern owned EFCC is battling with its dented image.

While the NDDC engaged in frivolous overtures and unwarranted expenditures some of which involves spending about N1.5Billion on staff palliatives during the COVID 19 era and other frivolous allowances and expenditures, it is important to remind the Niger Deltans that their Oil comes with Blessings and Curses.

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And it is also important that, while the North and other regions in Nigeria are helping to loot the resources of Niger Delta people, they(Niger Deltans) in looting their own resources should endeavor to loot wisely, because they have the burden of underdevelopment of their region starring at them in the face, knowing that their oil is a dwindling resource


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