EDO 2020: Oshiomole, Obaseki, Ize-iyamu, and the tales of a goalless draw.

EDO 2020 Election will perhaps be the most intriguing, staggered elections in President Buhari’s administration since its inception in 2015.

This is because of the following:

1). It’s a battle between a godfather and his estranged godson;

2) Its a battle of a once battered image, who suddenly finds favor and became a beautiful bride and;

3) Its a battle between the various actors controlling the ruling party on the one hand and the opposition, on the other hand, all converging in Edo to grapple power.

Oshiomole Obaseki and Ize-iyamu

Oshiomole may still see himself as the godfather of Edo politics and kingmaker just like the replica of Jagaban of Lagos even though he is seriously injured and battered politically by his estranged godson, who was partly responsible for his ouster. The scar is there for everyone to see.

Izeiyamu on the other hand whose image was badly dented and battered by Oshiomole during the last election in Edo State has become a loving bride by Oshiomole and the APC family.

Wherever and however the pendulum swings, it’s going to be a goalless draw for the three(3) principal actors consisting of Oshiomole, Obaseki, and Izeiyamu in the fourth coming EDO 2020 Election.

If Obaseki losses or wins, he already has inflicted a debilitating political injury on his godfather(oshiomole) before crossing over to the other side of the political divide(PDP).

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If Izeiyamu losses or wins, it doesn’t matter much, after all his already battered image has been laundered and made a saint by Oshiomole who battered it in the first place.

If Oshiomole’s candidate wins or loses, the bottom line is that Oshiomole was able to display a sitting Governor and made him seek political refuge in another party. Besides, Oshiomole can never cover his face in shame, after all, he is no longer APC National Chairman.

All these makeup the tales of a goalless draw.


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