Facebook has several Tricks that You Never Knew, can your experience on the social media platform be worthwhile. Not everyone knows about them, but using them will make you appear geeky and well updated.

Below are three (3) interesting Facebook tricks you need to know, as brought to you by Techplace24.com;

1. You can post to Facebook using SMS

You can install the Facebook app to your phone which will make you oversee the content your friends post on Facebook. The procedure below will help you post to Facebook with or without a smartphone.

Use a desktop browser to log into your Facebook account then head over to Settings and then to the Mobile tab. Click on the “Add a phone” button, only if you haven’t added your phone to the Facebook account. After selecting your wireless carrier you’ll have to click Next after which you will send an SMS of “F” to Facebook’s SMS number (32665). After sending the text, a message with a confirmation code will be received on your phone. To post you’ll need to type into the field in the pop-up box. For the purpose of privacy, deselect “Share my phone number with my friends” and accept “friends to text me from Facebook”.

2. Make a Facebook flip upside down

This is a fun trick that is worth a try. Imagine using Facebook that is flipped upside down in a cyber café, everyone would be glaring at you. This trick is similar to the old keyboard trick where your computer screen would rotate upside down immediately after pressing ctrl+Alt+Down. You can perform this trick much easier on Facebook by selecting the upside-down language under someone’s Facebook account.

3. Hide your online status from certain people

There’s a Facebook trick that can make you exclusively block your online status from certain people. If you are old enough on Facebook, this trick might be no news to you.

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Move to your Facebook Setting then head to Blocking. Press on the Block user section, then type the person’s name you want to hide your online status from.

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