Hidden Agenda Behind Tolu Death; A Need for a Corona Inquest into Her Murder

The story of Flying Airforce Tolu Article is that of a rising star that suddenly went dim. An intelligent officer with B.sc (Hons) Mathematics who rose to become a helicopter fighter pilot at such a tender age was dimmed by certain elements who saw her as a threat and a revolt to their establishment.

Agenda Behind Tolu Death

Some military elites especially from the North may have seen her rising profile as a threat to their establishment, hence a need to permanently clip her wings having succeeded in several combat missions and aerial bombardments of bandits and their hideouts.

It could also mean that these same Northern establishments could be responsible for the prolonged war on insurgencies in the North.
Several narratives have gone back and front to the unending insurgencies in the north which may suggest that certain Northern elites are benefitting thereto.

For an officer to be murdered, cut in her prime, in a broad daylight in a sketchy and controversial circumstance, in an Airforce Base full of activities by a reversing car of a former school mate probably reversing in a top speed just couldn’t add up to an ordinary discerning mind.

Didn’t officer Tolu see the car coming? Was the person not looking at the rear mirror to observe his or her reverse? Who was this her classmate? Who were the witnesses? Is the Airforce base a racecourse in the first? These and so many other questions easily come to mind.

The Nigerian public especially those of Southwest expects the Air force to constitute a corona inquest made up of several other military personnel including the Police and the DSS to unravel the mystery behind the death of this bright star and present the facts and ensure it is not tainted with politics.

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Starlike Officer Tolu is rare and not easily found around, not just in the Airforce but in all spheres of human endeavors and when such stars suddenly dim, one should be curious to know what was responsible to guard against its reoccurrence to other future bright stars.


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