On January 7, the management of the National Hospital in Abuja formally presented to the public the first ever successful separation of conjoined twins.

The twins, named: Goodness and Mercy, were discharged from the hospital after a 16-month intensive surgery procedures.

This was the first time the National Hospital and indeed Nigeria would successfully carry out such a medical procedure of separating conjoined twins from the chest and abdomen.

To the hospital’s Chief Medical Director, Jaf Momoh, the management took over the responsibility to carry out the sophisticated treatment of the conjoined twins, having realised the inability of the parents to meet up with the cost of the medical treatment.

Momoh, who conservatively put the medical bill at N20 million when compared with similar treatment abroad, explained that the conjoined twins were delivered at the Federal Medical Centre in Keffi on August 13, 2018.

He, however, added that the parents were referred to the National Hospital almost immediately after the conjoined twins were delivered.

According to him, “The conjoined twins have been on admission at the National Hospital in Abuja for over 16 months, for care and several diagnostic procedures to aid the surgery.

“Following the assessment of the social status of the parents by the management, the family was classified as indigent. The hospital decided to fund the bill and the entire processes, leading to and including the major surgical procedure for the separation of the conjoined twins as our corporate social responsibility.

“We were determined to ensure that lack of funds should not stop these beautiful girls from having the opportunity to enjoy their lives independently. The treatment of the twins was multi-disciplinary, running across many departments.”

The medical team was led by Prof. Emmanuel Ameh, who said the medical procedure to separate the conjoined twins took the doctors 12 hours to conclude. He added that the babies spent six weeks at the intensive care unit to recuperate.

The good news is that the medical procedure was successful and Goodness and Mercy have gone home with their Benue State-born parents to live and enjoy their normal lives.


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