How To Delete Kik Account | Deactivate Kik Account

How to Delete Kik Account

This tutorial will guide you to permanently delete or deactivate your kik account. If you are among those for one reason or the other wish to do away with the account, don’t worry you are covered by this article.

The reasons you want to do away with your account is best known to you whether its because its no longer relevant to you or email spamming, psychological disturbance etc.

Implication of Deleting Tik Account

Deleting your kik account is an easy thing to do. This tutorial will show you exactly how to delete kik account. The implication of this is that you will lose your account for ever and all the chats and files, there is no chance of recovering it again.

So you have to be really sure about what you want to do and know that you will lose all the data associated with the account.

Meanwhile, before we proceed on the best steps to delete or deactivate your account, below are some important features that you may not have been exploring with your account.

  • Users can be able to send instant messages to friends, including video and audio calls.
  • This online website/application allows its users to create, edit, and manage their account information.
  • It has a great user interface.

How To Temporarily Deactivate Account

If you will like to temporarily deactivate your account rather than deleting it forever then this option is for you.. If you would like to temporarily deactivate your account, please fill form below

How to Delete Kik Account Permanently

This is for those that have made up their mind they want to permanently delte kik account. Although we have made known the implications of using this method, still to remind you that you will lose the account forever.

Your account, information about you (name, phone number, email, etc) will be removed forever and they cannot be retrieved ever again. The procedure below are simple to follow.

Step 1. Go to in a Web browser.

page to delete kik account

Step 2. Enter your username.
Step 3. Enter the email address associated with your Kik account.
Step 4. Select a reason for leaving Kik from the drop-down list.
Step 5. Check the box.

Step 6. Now, click the “Go” button to proceed.
Step 7. Check the email account associated with Kik.
Step 8. Open the message from Kik.
Step 9. And finally, use the green link “Permanently Deactivate” to delete your account.

Deactivate Account Using the App.

Step 1. Open Kik Messenger on your mobile device.
Step 2. Sign in to your account, if you’re not logged in automatically.
Step 3. Click the Gear Icon at the top of the screen.
Step 4. Now click the Profile Icon.
Step 5. Enter your Kik Username, that is, the email address that is linked to your account if you want to permanently delete your account.
Step 6. Now review your email address, simply login to your email account and click the Confirm link to delete your account.

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