How to Extend Personal Computer Battery Life-span

Do you want to learn or educate yourself on ways to extend the life-span of the battery of your personal computer? Well, look no further. This post, we shall be looking at how to deal with this problem that seems to have become a norm among personal computer users.

With proper management, you can effectively manage the life-span of the battery of your personal computer, as one of the reasons why it appears as though it does not last long enough is because a lot of people adopt severe behaviors that ultimately ruins the battery.

With a minimum battery life of 3 hours when fully charged, your personal computer is expected to last to that time before it shuts down. How come it lasts shorter than that? With other personal computer chargers going for as long as 6 or 7 hours, yours can do that too.

Below, we shall be showing you how you can effectively elongate the life-span of the battery of your personal computer. With these pointers, you can up your personal computer’s battery game, as you will no longer have to charge it every few minutes.

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Customize the power settings of your PC

One of the ways to extend the life-span of the battery of your personal computer is to ensure that you have adjusted or customized the Power Settings in your PC. This has been made possible with various operating systems, like Microsoft Windows 10.

To do this, quickly search for ‘power options’ in the search box from Start and click on Power Saver. With Windows 10, you can set a timer for when to shut off the monitor screen and switch the PC to Sleep Mode.

Through Battery Care Options

Adopting a healthy battery care option for your PC will help you extend the life-span of your personal computer. To this, ensure that you do not have to wait for your battery of the PC to be completely drained and at 0% before you consider charging it.

How to Extend Personal Computer Battery Life-span

Contrary to popular opinions, this method will see that your battery life-span deteriorates faster than it should, and it would end up ruining your battery’s life expectancy. To further help your personal computer, get an extra battery.

Getting an extra battery is advised for persons who use the PC a lot. This will enable you to alternate between both of them, which will ensure that you would not need to drain the battery life of either of them before you use it.

Also, when it appears that your battery is overheating, quickly shut down your personal computer. Overheating can be caused by a lot of things ranging from where or how you placed the PC, to the features or program you are running on your computer

Owing to this, the CPU or processor could be functioning faster to cope with the commands you are giving to the system, hence the overheating can occur during this period. Pull out your battery, and allow it to cool, before you put it back.

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Ensure that you have the Battery Health Software on your PC

With the battery software being downloaded and installed on your personal computer, you have succeeded in your intention to extend the life-span of its battery. This health software allows you to see the status of the battery life of your PC.

With devices like Mac which comes with pre-installed battery health software, it makes it easier for you to determine the status of the health of your battery. This will give you a proactive mindset in dealing with any issues that may affect its life-span.

Endeavor to dim the brightness of your screen

The brightness of the screen of your PC is one way that can deteriorate the lifespan of the battery of your PC. Dimming it when necessary is a sure way to ensure that you can extend the life-span of the battery of your PC.

Switch off Wi-Fi When You Are Not Using It

Just like how leaving your internet connection On can affect the battery life of your mobile device, leaving the Wi-Fi on can also affect how to extend the life-span of the battery of your personal computer. It is advised that when you are not using it, switch it off.

Also, leaving it on all the time has very serious negative effects on your PC which if you allow it to go on that, it is only a matter of time before you begin to see the negative effect it would have on the battery of your personal computer.

Also, power surge still remains another big problem associated with the draining of power from your battery, which can affect the extension of your battery life-span for your personal computer.

This power surge affects mostly personal computers, and as such your laptop falls victim to it. Any form of power fluctuation would have a severe effect on the battery life of the personal computer. Use safe power surge protectors while charging your PC to avoid it.

Thank you for going through the article on how to extend the life-span of the battery of your personal computer. We hope you found it helpful and educational.

In case of further information, kindly leave a comment for us in the Reply section and we will reach you.

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