How To Improve Your Linkedin Profile

As a job seeker especially, increasing your LinkedIn profile strength level is 100% necessary. One crucial way is to ensure your LinkedIn profile has achieved All-Star status. It is believed that users with All-Star profiles are likely to be contacted for job opportunities and contracts.

This is also important for business owners, business you can only start creating business/company pages for your businesses only when your LinkedIn personal profile strength level is improved.

LinkedIn Profile Strength Levels

LinkedIn designed the levels in such that there are five levels of profile strength starting with: beginner (which is the least of it all), intermediateadvancedexpert, and All-Star (the last and highest of it all). But getting to the All-Star level seems critical for some LinkedIn users. Some even thought wrongly that the LinkedIn Profile Strength Levels keep improving in as much user is consistently using the platform. Which is not.

The truth is that it isn’t difficult to achieving the All-Start Profile Status. It’s all about you providing and including basic things to strengthen your profile, such as adding a professional picture, filling out your work experience, and writing a catchy headline.

Worry less, because this page has covered it all, and following the steps on this page will as well land you to your LinkedIn All-Start Profile Status.

How to Improve your LinkedIn Profile Strength

There is key information that LinkedIn wants you to provide in order to get your account to the “All-Star” or Intermediate” level. After you’ve signed up for a new LinkedIn account, because there is information like your name and where you work which you’ve already provided – your LinkedIn Profile Strenght starts from the “Beginner” level.

There are key information that is required of you, this includes;

  • Your location,
  • Industry (place of work),
  • Position,
  • Photo,
  • Educational background and qualifications,
  • Skill (your abilities),
  • and a Summary of your total self.

These are the information you know well and can provide with ease. Navigation might be the challenges, though. But the steps below show how to go about it right away.

Step Two: Click on your Profile icon (titled “Me“), at the top of your account. Then select “View Profile” from the drop-down.

Step Three: Now navigate to the “Profile Straight” to start providing each information asked of. You will see a button below that tells you to want next is required of you to add to your Linked Profile.

As you can see mine, asking that I “Add work date”. So start with what so ever appears at your end and get every information completely added to your profile to improve your LinkedIn Profile Straight.

To understand this further, we have shown for every step on till filling out the required information and the reasons for this information as well.

  • Add Work Date

But in a scenario where the business (company) belongs to you, there is an option for you to check the box “I currently Work here” – that closes the “End date” option.

For example, Dailyaim Limited is my company, and am currently working with the company so I won’t have to fill in any End date, rather will check the box ” I currently work here”.

You will notice that each stage you pass will increase your profile strength.

  • Add Photo

Add Photo to your profile account to help others recognize you faster – that is the reason for this.

There is a standard and required size to upload. However, you can also choose to take a live photo with your device (webcam or phone camera depending on the device you’re using).

There are also simple tools to help you corp the photos and edit it.

Before finally uploading it, you can decide to also set who can see your profile picture – to set that, click on the eye icon (set as “Visibility” by default).

  • Add Education

After completing it (Add Education), you will notice again that a badge added to your “Profile Strength”. Your LinkedIn Profile Strength has claimed to a greater level.

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