Last week, Nigerian Instagram sensation, Hushpuppi, took to his Instagram page to share a video of his meet up with American rapper, Lil Pump in Dubai.

In the video, Hushpuppi had gone to show off a purple Rolls-Royce, which he said, belongs to Lil Pump. He also pointed out that the American rapper has another purple Rolls-Royce in the United States.

However, some internet snoopers won’t let Hushpuppi be. An Instagram user is known as
_remskifestus_ has called Hushpuppi out over the rightful owner of a purple Rolls-Royce Wraith he posted on his wall.

The user went through Hushpuppi’s wall and saw a picture tagged “My cars”, which had Hushpuppi sitting on a purple Rolls-Royce that has the same number plate as the purple Rolls-Royce Lil Pump had shown off as his own, on his Instagram page.

The Instagram user wrote,

“So tell me @huspuppi, between you and pump who owns this RR cos y’all be confusing us…”

Hushpuppi was quick to respond to the guy’s question.

Here’s what Hushpuppi replied to the guy, as shared by Naijauto!

“@_remskifestus_, I am very sure it doesn’t belong to either you or your father. So I don’t understand where the confusion in your life is coming from. You these little kids wanna be savage on Instagram, instead of focusing on how to build your future and be successful. Idiot!”

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