Sharon Mathius and Melon Lutenyo are identical twins, DNA tests led by Lancet Kenya have uncovered.

The tests discharged on Saturday demonstrated that the two shared Identical DNA profiles, with 23 allelic loci tried indicating 100 percent impeccable match which is predictable with the Sharon and Melon being organically indistinguishable twins.

“Ms. Rosemary Khaveleli Onyango couldn’t be barred as the natural mother of the twins who have a good mandatory maternal allelic profile with a 99.999 percent likelihood,” the report expressed.

Organic MOTHER

The report additionally avoided Ms. Onyango from being the organic mother of Mevis Imbaya with 12 out of 23 loci tried demonstrating a befuddle. (At least three jumbles are viewed as grounds of rejection of paternity).

The tests additionally demonstrated that Mevis Imbaya showed a perfect required maternal and fatherly allelic profile with those of Ms. Angeline Omina and Mr. Wilson Lutah Maruti individually.

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The report discharged by Dr. Ahmed Kalebi, CEO Lancet Group of Laboratories additionally demonstrated that the likelihood of Mevis being Ms. Omina’s girl was 99.999 percent.

Sharon and Melon met in April 2018 via web-based networking media. At first, the confused each other with online character fakes.


While perusing, Sharon ran over a Facebook proposal of ‘individuals you may know’ it was there that she saw a profile that resembled hers. She sent Melon a ‘companion demand’.

No sooner had Melon ‘acknowledged’, the solicitation, the two began taking part in a war of words with every one of them doubting the validness of the other’s online profile.

They were both suspicious of their striking similarity however after the online fight they remove their correspondence.

The two at long last met in December 2018 at a transport stop in Kakamega town.

This was incited by steady notice by their educators and classmates about their similarity. Sharon had partaken in a secondary school music celebration where the Melon’s school had additionally taken part.

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Sharon’s instructors and colleagues were confounded when they saw somebody that took after Melon at the celebration despite the fact that she was not taking an interest. Melon’s cohorts snapped a picture of Melon which they later appeared to Sharon. Just wondering, the twins reached each other during school occasions.

Before long, their correspondence ended up incessant to the degree that they acquainted each other with their folks.

In April 2019, the two families turned to explain the secret by looking for expert assistance. Lancet Kenya at that point offered to complete a DNA test at financed cost.


Their mom, Ms. Onyango is said to have gone to Kakamega Hospital while pregnant on August 15, 1999. She expected to convey triplets yet when she recaptured cognizance after conveyance through a cesarean area, she was educated that she had brought forth twins.

The twins were set in a hatchery for seven days because of low birth weight. She said that had been in uncertainty since her twin little girls Melon and Melvin did not turn out identical.

Ms. Omina, who has quite recently been affirmed not to be Sharon’s natural mother, said that she conceived an offspring on August 14, 1999, only multi-day before Ms. Onyango had her conveyance.

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