Magu’s EFCC To Malami and Akpabio’s Buhari’s Loads of Corrupt Officials

Maj.Gen. Buhari’s flawed anti-corruption war has left all in a state of total bewilderment as loads of corrupt practices keep resurfacing in the corridors of Buhari’s led Federal Government.

Magu Malami and Akpabio

Sadly, the EFCC is caught up in the web of corruption just as NDDC, a parastatal set up to facilitate the Development of Niger Delta, has for the long become arbiter of Corruption.

Weighty allegations of frivolous spendings, unaccounted and unreconciled funds by the interim Board of NDDC coupled with funds not spent on developments but rather on travels and frivolities are all show of shame we are daily exposed to.

Magu’s non-submission of audited accounts and re-looting of recovered loots are some of the so many scandals associated with the so-called revered Magu’s led EFCC.

The jittery Attorney General known for stage freight is not spared of allegations of corrupt practices, as the entire corridors of power ooze of corruption and corrupt practices.

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As it is, Buhari’s entire cabinet is about to become the victim of corruption its trying to curb.


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