Maj. Gen. Buhari; A Pathetic Ethnic Bigot

Maj. Gen. Buhari is a conscienceless and pathetic ethnic bigot when compared to Obasanjo whom together as Ex Military leaders once fought alongside Nigerian Military against the Biafran Army in order to keep Nigeria as one.

It is expected that Buhari should appreciate and engage in actions that ought to promote Nigeria’s unity by avoiding lopsided appointments which are antithetical to Nigeria’s unity and against what he claims to fight for more than four decades ago.

Why has buhari failed

Since his assumption of Nigeria’s presidency, he has been so shameless in appointing mostly Northerners into key positions even when he glaringly display his blazing bigotry in appointments.
His appointments are awkward and show manifest stupidity and display of Northernisation Agenda.

He deliberately fills the entire Security and Revenue Agencies with Northerners and he is so unperturbed and reckless with full disregard to the sensibilities of other ethnic groups by removing or retiring people of other ethnic groups and replacing them with Northerners, while he continues to replace Northerners with Northerners.

Replacing Magu, a Northerner with another, Northerner and replacing INEC Chairman with another Northerner and removing FIRS Chair a Southerner and replacing with a Northerner, etc are so many anomalies associated with Buhari’s administration.

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Buhari should be reminded that Nigeria is for all ethnic groups otherwise the other ethnic group should be encouraged to secede if the North through Buhari continues to unjustly dominate the South through unjust and biased appointments


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