Nigeria’s Prolonged War on Terrorism; A Sabotage or a Failing Military Institution!

Nigeria has in the past decades been battling and contending with forces responsible for terrorism.

Nigeria's Prolonged War on Terrorism

Today, Nigeria has become one of the most terrorized countries on earth, as vast amounts of human and material resources have been expended to prosecute this war on terror. This is in addition to other security challenges the country is grappling with.

One key security institution that has been largely responsible for various peacekeeping missions and operations in the country is the military.

From various ‘operation code names’ like operation “Lafiya Dole’ in the North East to Operation Python Dance’ in the East and several other operations across the country, the military has virtually taken overall internal security operations, which ordinarily a well trained civilian Police should handle.

Recently, the country has been inundated with various news of ambush of the military, killings and loss of interest by the Nigerian soldiers. Recently, about 350 soldiers submitted their letters of resignation to the military authorities citing loss of interest.

Also, a soldier was said to have deliberately opened fire at his colleague due to depression, just as Governor Zulum’s convoy manned by soldiers was also attacked in Baga. This sends the wrong signal to the military Institution, as the terrorists daily confront the military with effrontery and guts.

To this end, it will not be outplaced to state that some individuals are benefitting from the country’s so many security travails and challenges caused by terrorism. There are likely internal and external saboteurs of efforts of the military at getting rid of terrorism in the country.

The Nigeria military institution is daily faced with a lack of confidence caused by underfunding and inadequate military hardware to combat terrorism head-on.

The military should endeavor to ‘flush out’ these saboteurs within their ranks and file, while the political class should adequately fund the military and political class and/or elites should be investigated to identify those sympathetic to war against terrorism.

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For now, the cause of Nigeria’s prolonged war on terrorism is a combination of an act of saboteurs and failing military institutions.

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