A teenage girl who posed for a risky selfie with a hunting rifle was injured when the weapon accidentally discharged into her face.

Polina Gordik, 17, was attending a party at her friend’s house when the incident occurred, according to recent reports. 

During the party, her best friend Veronika brought out her father’s hunting rifle. The teens started posing for selfies for social media with the loaded firearm. 

The girls put the rifle against Polina’s chest with its barrel pointing up between her breasts. They were about to take a picture when the gun suddenly fired.

The bullet hit Polina in her face, reports say. The young lady, who was described as “beautiful” before the incident, was rushed to intensive care in critical condition.

A female friend named Alina Ivanova said: “Veronika, who shot Polina in the face, is her best friend. They always got on well and spent a lot of time together.” 

The pals were posing for the dangerous pics at Veronika’s house in the village of Komyshuvakha in southern Ukraine.

Reportedly one of the girls was sliding the rifle barrel between Polina’s breasts for a cheeky photo when the firearm suddenly erupted. 

The teen was blasted in her face, with the bullet piercing her skull near the nose. 

The point-blank discharge crushed the bones in the girl’s face and shattered her nose, according to reports. The left eye of the selfie-loving 17-year-old also was destroyed.

The girl’s mother Antonina Gordik told local media: “I was terrified when I saw my own daughter. The half of her face was missing.”

“She virtually did not have the nose, it had been crushed by the bullet. Doctors had to remove her left eye as it was damaged too severely to save it.”

Doctors will have to reconstruct the teenager’s face from scratch. She requires numerous plastic surgeries and a long recovery period.

Source: Daily Mail

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