She’s famous for living large and now Toke Makinwa has different designer handbags to match her every outfit.

The media personality headed off for a girls’ day out in Lagos yesterday spotting a Shrimps RE20 Huckleberry bag from British fashion brand, Hannah Weiland.

The brand influencer matched her designer bag, which costs £495 (N234,000) with her top from Miskay Boutiques and Alexander Wang jeans.

See photos below:

This show-off on Instagram comes days after she attacked African parents and how they ruin lives in her latest vlog post.

Toke criticize all African parents, dubbing them the “worst in the world” for “ruining lives” with unorthodox child-raising values. She said, “Thanks to African parents for ruining our lives. Growing up in an African home, there are certain things we never had the balls to say. Even now, I’m 35. I still can’t stand up to my parents.”

The top model went further to analyse how the force you to become what they want and not what you want. She said, “African parents are the worst set of parents in the whole wide world. You never have an option on things that are coming in an African home. As a child, you’re told what to read in school. They don’t tell you what you’re good at but what they think you should be doing. It’s like, ‘I want to have a doctor, so my child must read medicine.’ Even if you do shit in maths, you’ll be an accountant. African parents don’t apologize. They’re never wrong. Doesn’t that bother you? How dare you say they are wrong? You almost become less confident because of the scoldings of an African mother.”

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