What The World Must Know About Transgender

Have you really detected what is transgender whenever you hear or read it from the online news media aside from video evidence? The writer believes is not something different from any gay practice relatively working with a satanic inspiration.

The transgender definition is when you’re born a Male and later transgender into a female or when you are female and later in your matured age body transformed into a man, but these female and male organs (vagina and penis) still remain intact after you had turned into so-called gender.

This transgender abnormal birth or evil molestation was so prevalent in the Asian Continent of the Philippine, Thailand, India. They have their community in India where transgender was so faced with discrimination and they were used to deny access in others to take up their citizenship as have declared by the national president on his press briefing Facebook video.

But in Thailand and Philippine where transgender was popularly known as ladyboy, the Buddhism religion temple approved them to be legal third gender in their society. They were mostly prostitutes and of thousands and are free to operate without any police arrest in the public.

The transgender root was also said to be discovered in some African countries of Ghana, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, South Africa ( mostly the world over), like example If we can remember the popular crossdresser, Idris okuneye (a.k.a) bobrisky who was the first Nigerian to carry up the Faith of transgender openly without any legal rights approved by the Constitution.

Then will this transgender background finished from here as what the writer use to begin his note of expression for all that readers may need to Know about transvestite?

I really wonder this an end-time devilish way of seducing straight men into the sinful world of homosexuality will have many impacts to play in world destruction of the innocent souls.

Tell me, can you see a beautiful transgender woman with a weigh breast and backside as they wouldn’t bother about his/her male genital organ like the popular Ghanaian transgender, Ohemartin many non-gay men or straight men have been soliciting online for him/her to meet them for sexual intercourse in needs to he/she feminine attraction to them, something hadn’t pushed them into the spirit of action to demand this kind of romance with him that’s a she because of the feminine temptation transgender woman possessed like a natural woman?

But which men can control their tempers? Or will you marry a man with a female appearance and not completely a woman??

Or is there any womb or menstrual period to determine you will be given a child by him/her? If these make sense, no one will be saying this is from the creator. This isn’t from God.

Or if they’re likely strange beings, only the Lord may know who were they and where they were originated.

what you must know about transgender

What I know, this is disgusting and confusing the world at large. Because only what a normal man may believe in transgender is that he is a she and before we knew all men have joined the gay world.

The Lord have created a man and a woman according to their normal nature so that they can be born and widespread to the face of the Earth like have proclaimed by the Holy Bible in the book of Genesis, so the world Believe God can never go back in his word while it is convenient.

So who may now respond to the world where the word transgender originate from or who created them?

We may choose either from abnormal birth or evil molestation of pregnancy from the mother’s womb before their birth.

Moreover, the word LGBT ( lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) is confusion and several arguments that would be an unresolved debate issue for questioning in our society on who really created this gender nature, and yet is trending across the world countries by spreading this evil gospel in other to win the souls of men for homosexuality practice of the satanic bondage that go against the will of God.

Or who will judge transgender? 

Though God has said in his word from the book of law that all homosexuals will not inherit the kingdom of God.

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Yes, Lord is angry about this LGBT culture just as in the biblical days of Sodom and Gomorrah the angel of God rains fire 

 on the whole of a city and the land perished, but now only remain who must abstain from this strange being as devil use transgender to promote homosexuality.


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