• Atiku Server Argument is a SCAM. An Expensive one. The Electoral Act as it exists in Nigeria today does not perceive the transmission of results to any Server or Servers anyplace. Thus, it doesn’t make a difference whether INEC has a Server or does not have one, or whether there is any data or information on the INEC Servers or not; the law does not remember it, straightforward. This implies paying little mind to what gathering jokesters and trivial hoodlums like Reno Omokri are stating via web-based networking media, asserting they have ‘indisputable’ confirmation that INEC has a Server, the majority of this makes no difference under the watchful eye of the Law. Regardless of whether INEC has a Server, regardless of whether it transmitted any outcomes to this Server, is irrelevant under the steady gaze of the current Electoral Laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Indeed, even a 100L Law Student gets this, why Atiku’s SANs don’t?
  • What Nigerian constituent law as it as of now exists perceives is the Form EC8 Series, particularly Form EC8A, marked by operators, examination officials, and so forth, at the Polling Units. The best way to demonstrate race results in Nigeria today is by the endorsed structures: the EC8 arrangement. Not by any Server or Servers.
  • INEC couldn’t have transmitted any outcomes to any Server (regardless of whether the Server existed) in view of system availability issues around the nation. A few pieces of Nigeria are not secured by a versatile system which is important to ensure effective transmission. Indeed, even INEC has clarified this was one reason why it discarded the possibility of electronic transmission, notwithstanding the way that it isn’t right now upheld by law. INEC has over and over clarified that it utilized manual examination for the 2019 races, as stipulated by the current Electoral Laws of Nigeria.
  • No attorney deserving at least moderate respect, contending a race request case in Nigeria in 2019, will make a contention dependent on Servers, ghost or genuine. This recommends Atiku’s legal advisors are either jokesters, or voracious, or both. This is tied in with draining him however much as could reasonably be expected. After the crusade draining comes to the decision request draining. After the race request draining, likely the profound help draining will be the following level.
  • If you don’t mind help solicit: Which of the gathering specialists – of any of the Parties – verified any outcomes on a Server post-casting a ballot and the tallying of votes? In the event that there’s any specialist who confirmed any outcomes please given the person in question come a chance to advance. Truth is that it didn’t occur! The main outcomes party operators verified are the ones on Form EC8A, and this is the main proof that will stand up in court.
  • Atiku and PDP state they gain admittance to INEC Servers from where they recovered the outcomes they’re bandying about. We should even expect that those supposed Servers exist and that there are any outcomes on them (there aren’t!) – do Atiku and PDP understand that unlawful and unapproved access to a Server is wrongdoing under the Cybercrime Act? In the event that you had (unlawful) access as your case to the Server, how would we realize you didn’t control whatever was available on that server, by including or subtracting numbers or carrying incidental information in? What Atiku and the PDP don’t understand is that conceding in a Court of Law that they hacked into the database of a Government organization is itself evidence of vindictive and criminal lead. Discussion about self-implication. Atiku won’t just lose the Election Petition case, he will stand out forever as a Cyber Hacker and Manipulator.
  • a. Investigate the outcomes displayed by Atiku and the PDP, as their own veritable form of the outcomes got from the INEC Server. It is incredibly strange, and can just help the hypothesis that Atiku’s legal advisors are both clownish and ravenous.
  • b. See Lagos State, where 580,825 individuals legitimately voted in favor of Buhari versus 448,015 for Atiku, making an aggregate of 1,028,840. Then again, nonetheless, Atiku’s created Server results assert that 1,103,297 individuals voted in favor of him versus 1,422,906 for Buhari, making a sum of 2,526,203. At the end of the day, PDP and Atiku are asserting that 1.5 million votes some way or another evaporated like a phantom in the cosmopolitan city that is Lagos State.
  • c. Then, after two weeks, in the Governorship decision, the all-out legitimate votes cast came to around 945,000, which is in consonance with the number that cast a ballot in the Presidential race, yet not even close to Atiku’s manufactured cases. By what method will Atiku clarify this 1.5m distinction between his created Server result and the INEC Presidential outcome from one viewpoint, and his manufactured Server result and the INEC Governorship result then again?
  • d. This is the example in the majority of Atiku’s manufactured Server results – his figures have neither rhyme nor reason. They didn’t utilize sound judgment in their manufactures. As indicated by Premium Times, “Mr. Abubakar’s indicated outcome suggests that no invalid votes were recorded in the 33 states, and none of the 71 other presidential hopefuls got any score. In three states; Abia, Bauchi and Cross River, the reports demonstrate that the two competitors, all things considered, got cast a ballot higher than the number of licensed voters.” Ridiculous!
  • Atiku’s supposed 400 observers which he is introducing in court are excessively few to demonstrate or refute anything, particularly in a Presidential Election. His legal advisors know this, for what reason would they say they are not disclosing to his reality? The law says you need to demonstrate your decision appeal case PU by PU. In the 2014 Osun Election Petition Tribunal alone, PDP initially tried to display 1,000 observers. 1,000. Only for Osun State alone. In Ekiti in 2014 APC tried to introduce 1,009 observers in the Governorship Election Petition. Presently PDP needs to contend a PRESIDENTIAL race appeal – with across the country inclusion – with just 400 observers. Joke!

Atiku and PDP question the INEC announced the outcome in Borno State asserting that turnout couldn’t have been that high as a result of the rebellion (Buhari 836,496 versus Atiku 71,788, making an aggregate of 908,284). Think about what Atiku’s manufactured Server results guarantee: Buhari 849,599 versus Atiku 281,897, making an aggregate of 1,131,496 – in excess of 200,000 votes higher than the proclaimed INEC results. How does this bode well? How might you question the turnout in Borno based on rebellion, and afterward proceed to manufacture numbers that are significantly higher than what you’re questioning?

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